About Kelsey Linder

Kelsey Linder is a painter who received her BFA from the University of Cincinnati DAAP. She explores the ideas of pleasure and stimulation. With the use of archetypes, “femme” objects, and the human anatomy, she creates portals that collectively illustrate a Utopia for all from her perspective. Through the use of mixed media, she redefines the time honored compulsion that is painting. With the use of boldly sensually and fiercely sexual imagery, she subverts the male gaze to take up space and celebrate her multicultural body.

She reclaims this space with an explosion of vibrant spontaneity and meticulous detail to celebrate bodies as they are, revel in pleasure, exalt curiosity and enforce introspection. She believes that through individual introspection & radical imagination, the collective “We” can manifest a world of radical inclusion, genuine compassion & passionate kindness.

Her body of work is simultaneously a compulsive coping mechanism and an act of resistance in a culture where a Womxn’s empowerment & yes, sexual, liberation is not only demanded, but simultaneously articulated, illustrated and adjudicated as morally heinous and existentially damning. She believes that this way of thinking is, if not the root of all evil, the common thread that leads to it. Her life practice is to challenge this way of thought by reframing the questions and covering walls in neon pink and holographic rhinestones!